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Are you ready to build your dream home, but you don’t know where to start?

  • Do you want to create a dream home that is tailored to your family and lifestyle?
  • Ladies, do you want that gorgeous make up room and generous walk in wardrobe?
  • Are you ready to bring your new build visions to life but worried about budget, or your project running over time?
  • Are you losing sleep over the horror stories you hear or thinking about all the ways your new build could go wrong?
  • How do we choose the right builder, architect or designer who is experienced, trustworthy and great to work with?

It’s really important to make sure you are looking at ALL your options and get expert advice, so you can make an informed decision to minimise your risks.

We are more than a building company, MMB Builders Ltd are your not only your Auckland Renovation, Alteration and Addition Experts but we are also proud of the dedication and excellence we put into building new homes for the families we work with.

Here at MMB Builders Ltd we understand the stress that goes into building, that’s why at MMB Builders Ltd we want to make this a positive seamless experience for you. We are committed to do all the heavy lifting for you, after all, your home is one of your biggest investments, we want to turn your house into a home that you can be proud of.

Our team are committed to getting the job done, on time, at a high standard with your satisfaction being at the centre of everything that we do. So don’t delay, give us a call today and let us guide you through the entire process.

Let us help you to bring you visions to life, contact us now for your free dreams to reality 1-hour consultation.

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Why Choose Us

We are a family run business, which means it is important to us to always maintain our working ethics, values and the quality of our workmanship is high to maintain our reputation!

Morgan is an approved NZ Licensed Building Practitioner (LBP) which means he has the authority and delegation to sign off restricted works We are also a team of qualified builders.

Communication is key to us, so to ensure everyone is on the same page, we provide fortnightly reporting, we hold weekly Monday toolbox meeting and Friday debriefs. We also catch up with you in person and ensure our subbies are also informed.

One Stop Shop - we have our own team of subbies that are qualified in their specialised field, meaning they are backed by their own workmanship, warranties and guarantees. We also have our own team of experts in the field such as Architects & Engineers!

We are approved members of the New Zealand Certified Builders Association (NZCB).

How we work with you

Bringing your visions to life

We want to ensure that your home is the home you want to make beautiful memories in. If you need to make changes along the way, our team will be on hand to listen. We will do our best to accommodate your requests. We will discuss with you the potential impacts on time and budget before proceeding. This is just the start of the service level you can expect from us. Find out more
"MMB are highly recommended they are trustworthy hardworking and committed to ensuring your visions come to life!They built our 3 bedroom with an ensuite from beginning to end and have done an excellent job.The team are awesome right from the start and tackle anything that comes their way, we had plenty of variations and altered to our needs, going above and beyond our expectations.”

Our Guarantee

We have got your back when it comes to peace of mind building guarantees. We not only offer the comprehensive HALO Guarantee but we also offer a personal guarantee that ensures you are always in the loop when it comes to your building project. Find out more

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